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dotUML Software Architecture

This section describes the major architectural decisions of the dotUML toolkit.

Structural View

Structural view describes the components of the system, their interfaces and how the components interact with each other using these interfaces. The following component diagram depicts the structural view of the dotUML toolkit.
Architecture - Structural View
Core is the heart of the toolkit. It implements the IDiagramEngine interface through which a model in the form of an XML-file or in the form of a model graph can be processed.
Common contains the means of a formal description of a UML diagram in the form of a model graph.
Parser translates an XML-representation of a UML model into a model graph using Common.
Graph renders a model graph and returns back an image.
System contains basic low-level things like base exception classes and logging. To introduce logging into the code the Spring.Net Aop functionality is used.
The root namespace for components is dotUML.

Flow View

Flow view depicts the behavior of the system in time, defining the order in which the actions are executed. The following sequence diagram describes the flow view of the donUML toolkit.
Architecture - Flow View
The steps can be briefly explained as follows:
1-2. Validate an XML-file.
3: 3.1. Parse an XML-file.
3: 3.1.1-3.2. Build a model graph based on the XML-file.
3: 3.3-3.4. Render the model graph as an image.
4. Pass the image to the client application.
5. In case of unsuccessful validation process validation results.

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